CAEDERE - Mass Emission

Caedere - Mass Emission

10 songs
35:24 minutes
***** **


Stating that Caedere are one of Goregiastic Records' more moderate bands doesn't mean that you'll get anything truly mellow or melodic with this Dutch band's debut longplayer. Founded in the late Nineties, Caedere have obviously been strongly influenced by brutal European death metal, which is emphasized by their cover version of Hypocrisy's Pleasure Of Molestation at the end of the album. Apart from that song (5 minutes) and the even longer Rope To Tie (6 minutes), the album is filled with faster and shorter songs that leaves practically no room for relaxation. Although the band is sometimes compared to Suffocation, Caedere seem to have a straighter approach at death metal and remind me of early Nineties rocking Sweden death combined with the no-holds-barred approach of latter day Cannibal Corpse. And while this is at no moment exactly original or challenging, it is nonetheless a well crafted album that at the best of times comes with surprising elements, like the grooving opener Mass Emission which can be downloaded also at the band's homepage. Death metal completists or anyone into take-no-prisoners death metal will have good clean fun with this album.

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