Cain Da Breth - Sanas

14 songs
47:16 minutes


The name might sound Irish, but Cain Da Breth come from the Czech capital Prague. The band leaders describe the style on their debut album Sanas as acoustic doom metal, which made me instantly curious. A closer inspection revealed that this sounds more like Celtic folk, a label the band wanted to circumvent, but unfortunately the similarities to artists like Blackmore’s Night are just too obvious.

Acoustic guitar, violin, drums and flutes are the archetypical tools for folk music, and even though Cain Da Breth are quite adept at their instruments, they never come close to originality. The quite slow melodies and the Minnesang vocals remind too much of medieval festivals that seem to spreading like a plague all over Europe. The parallel running male and female vocals are nicely arranged but offer too little variety. Especially the high flute notes can strain your nerves.

Even though the band has been playing together for five years, the impression remains that they entered the studio too early. Apart from Ride with its Pogues flair, there’s hardly anything that stick out. The vocal lines don’t work on the high registers either. I suggest Cain Da Breth rehearse some more and try to get inspiration from their wonderful hometown, before they come back with future recordings.

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