CALLENISH CIRCLE - Flesh Power Dominion

Callenish Circle - Flesh Power Dominion

11 songs
52:27 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade

In 1998, I received Callenish Circle's second output, a self-titled EP. My impression was that these Dutch people were just an average band playing a mixture of death metal and doom. 4 years later, they have released their third full-length CD called Flesh - Power - Dominion. The first things you discover while comparing both CDs is that Callenish Circle have become much harder and that their songs take profit from a better production which Andy Classen (ex-Holy Moses) was responsible for. Their main influence is still classic Swedish death metal, but elements of thrash, doom and some real heavy metal give Callenish Circle a kind of an own style. Their music is melodic and powerful at the same time. A song like Your Last Swansong underlines the band's qualities. The CD is also containing two cover versions. There is Pull The Plug by Death, a song that they already often played live, even before Chuck Schuldiner has passed away. The other one is When The Lady Smiles, a song by Dutch rock legend Golden Earring, which shows nearly no parallels to the original.

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