CALVARIUM - The Skull Of Golgotha

Calvarium - The Skull Of Golgotha

9 songs
40:25 minutes
Dynamic Arts


The Freddy Kruger-like intro with the intelligent title Three Nails And The Hammer Of Satan is not a very promising start for the debut of Finnish black metal band Calvarium. The second track and first real song Horns Of Hate immediately spreads a dark and sinister atmosphere, thanks to a decent use of keyboards. Furthermore, Calvarium always try to add some melodic tunes to their songs (Horns Of Hate being the only exception). Unfortunately the album is suffering from a very bad production. Song writing and instrumentation are only average, but maybe it's difficult to except more from a debut and black metal is an art where it's not obvious to discover new elements. The vocals are quite aggressive and not too high pitched. The speed of the songs is rather high, but there is always room left for some mid tempo parts. After four or five tracks, I really had enough of the bad sound and the repetitive song structures. Calvarium still have to develop a lot and so far, you better consider listening to more established black metal acts.

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