Cannibal Corpse - Kill

13 songs
42:11 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


It's been two years since the last Cannibal Corpse album The Wretched Spawn, and with their new and already tenth album, simply titled Kill, just released, it's maybe time to look back at the band's past. Founded in the late Eighties, this American East Coast death metal band has released in more or less regular intervals quality extreme metal albums. Listening back to their first outputs, it's easy to understand that their uncompromising genre scared people badly, but I can't really rationalise what's so shocking about them now, ten albums and nearly twenty years later. Yes, their lyrics are still juvenile gore fantasies, maybe a bit ridiculous, considering that the band members must all be in their thirties already.

But where they stalled lyrically, they still seem to improve when it comes to handling their instruments. Unlike most other death metal bands that are influenced by one or another school of music, Cannibal Corpse were there from the beginning and refined their image over the years. Their last couple of albums were already a nod into the direction which you can expect with Kill. Mostly it's very short and very fast songs, and apart from the slightly longer and downright futile instrumental Infinite Misery which ends the album, there are only killer tracks left that first take advantage from Eric Rutan's tight production skills, but also of course from the band's technical skills, no matter if we are following the devious rhythm section that leaves no holes for boredom, or if we revel in the exquisite dual guitar attacks which are without a doubt current death metal has to offer. Angular rhythm patterns shift from one part to the next one, with incrementing speed that leaves you speechless. The guitar solos are wickedly insane, and more than once I wonder if this is the logical consequence of Slayer's metal milestone Reign In Blood, transported into a new millennium of brutality.

I don't care if Cannibal Corpse are still forbidden in certain countries, when at the same time you are allowed to read the most bloodthirsty horror novels. As you can't possibly understand the band's lyrics, they might as well sing about flowers and meadows, the brutality of their music wouldn't certainly be affected by it. No other band, no matter if newcomer or old regulars, is able to deliver such a fierce offering of brutal and at the same time technically incredible high speed metal. Kill is already my death metal album of the year.

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