CARCASS - Choice Cuts

Carcass - Choice Cuts

21 songs
78:48 minutes
***** ****


Carcass are a band that doesn't need an introduction, and this despite the fact that they disbanded already eight years ago. While Napalm Death were still caught in one-minute grindcore bursts, Carcass already developed the genre in the late Eighties to something more progressive. Having yet started as a raw and relentless grindcore band, to evolve into an original death metal band, who would even get the right to use some exclusive Giger statue for album artwork, shows that these guys not only were musical innovators, but also drew respect from many different sources.

Choice Cuts is a compilation which should be seen as an introduction to those not yet familiar with the Brit grinders, as well as a treat for long time fans as the albums comes with two complete Peel Sessions from 1989 and 1990, focusing on the material from the two first albums. The regular part of the album consists of thirteen songs: two from Reek Of Putrefaction (1988), Symphonies Of Sickness (1989), Necroticism (1991) and three from the later CDs Heartwork (1994) and Swansong (1996), plus two rarer songs, Tools Of The Trade (1992) and This Is Your Life (1994) originally released on nowadays hard-to-find EPs (but released already on different compilations and as bonus tracks).

It is amazing to follow Carcass' development from an early primitive grind band to an accomplished melodic death metal act, with lyrics taken from medical encyclopaedias, and later on even treating social commentaries. And considering that ex-Carcass members Bill Steer (Firebird) and Michael Amott (Spiritual Beggars) now play some kind of seventies rock, it makes us wonder what we can expect of these people in the future.

We might discuss for hours if compilation albums like this make sense, but let's face it, Carcass made some great music, in their early years as well as in their final moments, and Choice Cuts is a near to perfect visualisation, using all the capacity of a single CD to document one of the most important grind core bands of all times.

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