CARNAL - True Blasphemy

Carnal - True Blasphemy

11 songs
33:49 minutes
***** *****

Normally I'm not responsible for writing grind or crust reviews because I'm not the biggest fan of this music. But Carnal from Columbia certainly can claim to be very different from other bands in that genre. First I noticed some typical grind trademarks like a diabolic cover artwork, a short running time and lyrics about blasphemy, murder and death. The songs are ultra fast and very brutal, but one fact distinguishes Carnal from the rest so that they could become a mighty force in the underground grind and death metal scene. I am thinking neither of the sick sounding roaring vocals nor about the weird guitar work. No, the sound of the drums is unique. I never heard such a special production before. It sounds as if the drummer used the Nintendo Gamecube plastic drums delivered with the Donkey Konga game. I can't imagine that this has been done deliberately, but it is highly entertaining. If Carnal had an ordinary drum sound, their record couldn't be distinguished from other grind bands. The way True Blasphemy sounds now, it is one of the most outstandingly weird death grind album around. If you like extreme metal and are open for comic elements, then I absolutely have to recommend this album to you.

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