CARNIVAL KIDS - Carnival Kids

Carnival Kids - Carnival Kids

16 songs
71:46 minutes
***** ***
(self released)


Carnival Kids sounds like the name of a band, but actually is the solo project of Adam Ciminello who is a downright virtuoso. He’s playing keyboards, piano, organ and is in charge of lead and backing vocals, while guitar, bass and drums have been performed by musicians, some of whom are also part of his live band. Having started Carnival Kids only in the middle of 2012, Ciminello had the first longplayer already done in early 2013.

The opener Daily Miracle instantly shows what to expect. This is relaxed indie pop with a playful undertone that reminds strongly of early Nineties bands like Jelly Fish and Spookey Ruben. Adam Ciminello quotes Brian Wilson as his most important inspiration, especially when it comes to the album’s production. There are more song veering in the direction, and I especially like Hit My Head. The piano shouldn’t be underestimated and is featured mostly on the quieter tracks. When the artist adds a soul touch, one can even allow comparisons to Joe Jackson. Love On Demand and Straight Down The Road are two examples that fit that description. There is even an electronic component, as can be heard on Better Of Running with its slight ELO parallels. But also the quiet How Often, which concludes the album, isn’t bad at all.

The only complaint is the usual rule of thumb: less is more! Sixteen tracks are maybe too much of a good thing, and with two or three less, the album wouldn’t have suffered… on the contrary! Especially the tame Just My Reflection and the slack piano ballad Where Were We Going don’t add much to the otherwise good impression. But that’s probably a matter of taste, and I prefer the more playful side.

The album can be downloaded for free on the artist’s Bandcamp page, even though the measly bit rate (96 kbps) doesn’t offer hi-fi sound. Until then, you have to be patient before you can buy the album at a social price on Carnival Kids’ official homepage.

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