CASCADES - Spells And Ceremonies

Cascades - Spells And Ceremonies

13 songs
51:13 minutes


Have you ever been to a gothic or dark wave event? Ever noticed how people dress up in black leather and latex fetish clothes, with scary black and white make-up and impossible hairdos? Either you get aroused while discovering your own secret love for kinky sex games, or you have a more sober approach and understand that this kind of art is much more often about form than content.

Not that the Cascades from Germany adhere to your typical goth image, but their music is firmly rooted in the dark wave and gloomy rock bands of the early Eighties, so that their third album Spells And Ceremonies sound like a more rocking Sisters Of Mercy, without the mesmerising song writing, though. In fact the thirteen songs on this album are neither very good nor that bad, but somehow it's like going to the shopping mall and trying to recall later on what music was being played in the background. The Cascades are so little offensive that most people will probably forget having heard them the moment they start listening to something else. OK, Sea Of Love is made for radio airplay, 4 Elements adds some speed, while the German sung Ihr werdet sehn reminds of Rammstein, although the latter are much more dramatic. But for the most part, you get mid-tempo goth rock songs, that are too tame for metal and too hard for dark wave. The guitars sound rather weak, while the drums are somewhat monotonous. In many ways I feel reminded of local goth stars Pronoian Made, but then there are a lot of people who seem to like them, so why should they not check out The Cascades? I only give 3 subjective points, with a well meant nod to the goth faction to check them out anyway. How should I know what you like?

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