Catamenia - Eskhata

11 songs
46:54 minutes
***** ***


Let's try to keep this review short: Catamenia are a fast but melodic black metal band from Finland, and Eskhaton is already their fourth release. They surely are not a too original band, but you have to give them credit that they are doing their music in a very professional way.

The eleven songs on this album all more or less work in the same way: you have a very fast undercurrent, which you don't even notice all the time because of the added keyboards and the occasional clean vocals. The songwriting is mature enough. There may not be real hit songs that you will remember after having listened to the album, but there is enough variety and speed changes in every song to keep your attention alive.

Not as generic as Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth, but also not as supernaturally encompassing as Borknagar, this is as solid melodic black metal as you will able to find these days. 8 big points.

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