CATARACT - Kingdom

Cataract - Kingdom

11 songs
41:28 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


A little less than two years ago, Cataract from Switzerland released their third CD With Triumph Comes Loss, one of the better metal core albums. In the meantime this genre has become so trendy that it's difficult to find differences to other bands, but Cataract have again done decent work on their new album Kingdom.

Their songs fall into two different categories. First there are the real metal tracks, storming and violent, that show that Slayer and Bolt Thrower are among Cataract's influences. But there's also a more hardcore side to Cataract which isn't less brutal, but definitely less fast. If you really need comparisons, I could name Pantera and Hatebreed. To avoid the album of becoming monotonous, the odd songs in the tracklist are closer to metal and the even one's more hardcore. The material isn't too complex, but Cataract have nevertheless cared about adding some interesting breaks to the songs.

Like their last album, Kingdom has been produced by Tue Madsen, an expert for brutal metal, and I doubt that Cataract have reason to complain about his work. It isn't a too original album, anyway that is impossible in the metal core community, but Kingdom still has chances to become a classic of its kind. Early purchasers can get a limited version containing a bonus disc with 4 remastered songs.

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