CATCH 22 - Dinosaur Sounds

Catch 22 - Dinosaur Sounds

13 songs
33:06 minutes
***** ****


Am I the only one to get this, or am I just plainly mistaken, but in my opinion, it takes a lot of guts to name your album Dinosaur Sounds, when 38 years before another well known band called its masterwork Pet Sounds. Well, Catch 22 may not yet have the impact with their new album that the Beach Boys had then on the evolution of popular music as we know it, but then dinosaurs are much fiercer than pets, so you get a lot more rocking going on here.

Catch 22 from New Jersey are one of the better selling independent ska punk bands, but to my shame I have to admit that so far I only knew them from compilation appearances. I must have missed quite something there, because already the opener Rocky discards every cliché you might have in mind about the ska hype. Instead of using boring templates, Catch 22 are a true melting pot of the most different styles: rock, soul, swing, ska and punk. The vocals remind initially of Elvis Costello, there is the same sad-mindedness that was so long a taboo with ska. Catch 22 are one of the more commercially sounding genre bands, always a little harder than the hyped competition (Reel Big Fish, No Doubt), but then at times (Motown Cinderella) awaking the rock'n'roll spirit of Rocket From The Crypt.

What sets Dinosaur Sounds apart from most other ska albums is the sheer energy you feel vibrating in the songs. The guys must be killers, live. The only other ska band fascinating me in the same way are their label mates Streetlight Manifesto, whose guitar player used to play with Catch 22.

All those who are tired of the hype burnout and want to listen to the original masters, have to get this album. Granted, it's a bit short with 33 minutes only, but it's still the quality that matters.

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