CATCH TWENTY-TWO - Permanent Revolution

Catch Twenty-Two - Permanent Revolution

11 songs
33:34 minutes
***** ****


Marxist theory isn't what you would except from an upbeat ska punk band, but I prefer song cycles about Leon Trotsky to juvenile emo pop punk tunes any day of the week. It's been quiet for three years around Catch Twenty-Two, but now these New Jersey ska punk precursors are back better than ever before. Don't be afraid: the concept may seem far-fetched, but from a musical point of view, this couldn't be a better album. The vocals, that are shared by the brass section, have a strong soul influence, complementing perfectly the brass section that alternates also between soul and ska. The rock section (guitar, bass and drums) switch from two-tone ska rhythms up to heavy rocking punk and hardcore sounds. As the vocals always stay on the melodic, though never cheesy, spectrum, the album takes advantages of a very diverse sound without ever falling into the trappings of pure hardcore noise.

Highlights include the fast going Party Song and A Minor Point, whereas the mellow Alma Ata could be found on one of Elvis Costello's better albums. The only weak point is the short playing time, but then Catch Twenty-Two were never to be had for long extensive song structures. With no song transcending the four-minute-border, Permanent Revolution is fully packed with song writing jewels and deserves to be heard by a vast audience, certainly not limited to the ska crowds.

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