Cattle Decapitation - Humanure

11 songs
47:33 minutes
***** *****
Metal Blade


Although Cattle Decapitation have been around since the end of the last millennium, they released their Metal Blade debut To Serve Man only last year, and with that also the label's best grind core release so far. Two ex-members now play full time with the more popular (and also more experimental) The Locust, a band which now in many ways is different from Cattle Decapitation. While The Locust have started successfully to revolutionise the grind core genre, Cattle Decapitation don't exactly add anything new, but take well known ingredients and add more finesse. It all starts already with the absolutely disgusting cover artwork which will most likely never make it past censorship. Where many similar bands use provocative content only to depict gory themes, Cattle Decapitation go many steps further and use gore and violence to address social issues.

With songs running on average above four minutes, you shouldn't expect primitive grind core either. Already the opener Humanure shows ultra-fast song structures with angular yet melodic guitar work. From there on it becomes slightly complicated. Of course you can listen to this album on a straight grind death level, as all the songs are played at a very high speed and are ideal for brain shattering head banging. But if you take the time to sit down and listen more closely, you'll hear some of the most progressive structures ever to be displayed in this genre. Polyps sounds clearly like VoiVod on a death metal picnic, while much of the remaining material owes to Carcass and American East Coast death metal bands, although Cattle Decapitation never sound like a clone, but rather like a logical development.

If you forget about the short intro and the annoying ten minutes long outro Men Before Swine, there's still a lot of not only good, but even great grind death. Next to Nasum and Regurgitate, both bands coming from Sweden, Cattle Decapitation are the best of their kind, and most likely the best from the United States. This is one true masterpiece!

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