Cattle Decapitation - Karma Bloody Karma

12 songs
40:42 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


It could be a plot taken straight from a horror movie: every second summer, carnivorous cows are out to attack and devour people whose major crime is that they eat meat. Hardcore vegetarian grind core kings Cattle Decapitation don't have a sense of humour when it's about their four-legged mammal friends, and their already third album on Metal Blade delivers another dose of relentless death grind that should rejoice the heart of every animal friend.

Karma Bloody Karma comes again with a rather violent (if this time at least not disgusting) cover artwork, and the different songs prove once and for all that Cattle Decapitation play in a league of their own. Instead of relying on two minute blast-beat attacks, the band normally takes at least three minutes to finish their energy laden songs. The brutal lyrics are met by harsh, distorted vocals and a musical backdrop that owes as much from grindcore as it does from death metal, although there are always ultra-progressive elements hidden underneath the surface, like short and fast guitar leads that could be borrowed from a WatchTower album. Indeed there are not many, if any, straight death metal tracks. Most pieces demand a lot of attention if you are eager to catch every detail, making this an album that needs repeated listening if you want to enjoy it thoroughly. Yes, it is not a beautiful album, but so exquisite in its depiction of hatred and disgust that every self-respecting misanthrope needs to lend an ear. Cattle Decapitation are still one of the most original death grind bands around.

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