Cattle Decapitation - To Serve Man

13 songs
35:01 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


The name should already point into the right direction. The cover artwork apparently even got this album already banned in Germany. Cattle Decapitation from Southern California play a no holds barred kind of grind core with old school death metal elements. Combined with a hammer smashing production, you will get one of the stronger grind core albums of this year.

Cattle Decapitation have their roots deep in the underground scene, as you can see when watching their homepage, and you still notice this with the aggression of the individual songs and their commitment to causes like Animal Liberation organisations.

The lyrics seem a little sick at times, and if this really disturbs you, just listen to the songs without reading the lyrics, as you won't understand a word anyway the way the vocalist is growling his poetry of evil.

To Serve Man is a very solid effort. It's not a debut, but could be considered as a debut on a bigger label. All those who really like their music fast and relentless will welcome the sheer brutality of Cattle Decapitation, other people won't care about this anyway.

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