CELLADOR - Enter Deception

Cellador - Enter Deception

8 songs
44:25 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


The term power metal has been used to describe many kinds of not so cool metal trends lately, especially when we are talking about European bands who lack sometimes the necessary kick to give them the right to use the expression. Cellador sound from the beginning like an American band, and as they come from the middle of nowhere (Omaha Nebraska, to be more precise), they probably don't belong to a huge scene which allows them to develop a genre which is rather independent of current musical trends.

Erik Rutan, better known for his Morbid Angel works, is then the least logical, but most likely the best choice Cellador could have done for choosing a producer. Power speed metal is what you get here, and don't expect anything less. First of all you will be surprised by the reckless speed of the songs, starting with the short opener A Sign Far Beyond, yet never relenting even on the remaining songs, none of which is shorter than five minutes. The vocals are melodic, yet always fit the aggressive song writing. The rhythm guitar has an atypical buzzsaw sound, the leads are terrific, and the faster-than-lightning drumming is totally amazing.

Enter Deception is a rare occurrence inasmuch that you very seldom encounter albums that are hypermelodic, epic on a grand scale and aggressive, fast at the same time. The last album which received fame this way was Judas Priest's Painkiller, but there are also some antique American bands like Vicious Rumours and Helstar coming to mind. And for once I am not saying that the forefathers worked better. Enter Deception is one hell of an album, where heavy metal is still a force to be reckoned with and light years away from copycat clichés. Everyone, from melodic metal fan to extreme metalhead, will get something out of this killer album, all the more surprising as it is a debut by a band where some of the members are not even yet twenty years old.

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