CENTER JAG TRANSPORT - Kometa Demonstration

Center JAG Transport - Kometa Demonstration

5 songs
16:02 minutes
***** **


This is the first EP by a young newcomer band founded in the summer of 2003. Although they live in the Netherlands, there's no Dutch musician in the band; they originate from Spain, Italy and Poland and are influenced by 60s pop, 70s rock, 90s punk and even some folk music. The opener Forests I Walk is a moderate rock track with sludge guitars and not a too promising start. I prefer the second track Waitin' combining indie pop with melodic elements. The album's highlight is Kometa which starts as a quite mellow brit pop track, but takes later on a strong psychedelic touch reminding of Hawkwind. The fastest track is The Liver Machine, an amazing combination of punk and rock'n'roll elements. Finally the EP comes to its end with Uomo Morto, another pop song sounding like a quiet Placebo song. This is very respectable for a debut after less than a year of existence, but I'm sure that JAG have the necessary potentials to develop further. And let's hope that the next output will have a less trashy sound.

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