THE CHANGE - The Deer Moss Murders

The Change - The Deer Moss Murders

13 songs
35:11 minutes
***** **
I Scream


Most people instantly think of deer and rock’n’rollish punk when Sweden is mentioned. The Change, founded in Gotheburg in 2003, won’t change that fact. The Deer Moss Murders is now their first album to be released on a label.

From the start, the band doesn’t even try to hide their Scandinavian origin. I don’t want to accuse them of plagiarism, but their combination of melodic punk rock and heavy rock’n’roll riffs remind strongly of The Refused and The Hives. The Change don’t reach yet the level of these bands, but The Deer Moss Murders is an entertaining debut that never lets you down. The Change like it fast, and by adding a necessary heaviness, they come up with dynamic songs that animate to go along. Only Bullets shows them band from a rawer side but still fits right in. The good vocals and the fitting production make this an album that is hard not to like.

The Deer Moss Murders makes it without weak moments through its entire running time. This is post hardcore the way we like it, although one could wish for some more own ideas the next time.

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