CHAOSWAVE - Dead Eye Dreaming

Chaoswave - Dead Eye Dreaming

12 songs
62:44 minutes
***** ***


Chaoswave seem to embrace the European idea. Four Italians (from the island Sardinia), a Dane and a German label would be a concise synopsis of their second longplayer Dead Eye Dreaming. They play modern, dynamic metal, nothing really new, but still not easy to be pinned down in one specific category.

Vocal duties are shared by a male/female duo, although Chaoswave never rely on the typical Beauty and the Beast pattern. Instead both have clear and clean vocals, even if the male vocals sound naturally a little deeper. One of their main influences, both musically and vocally, seems to be their fellow Italians Lacuna Coil. Never sounding too extreme, they still pay attention to add plenty of power into their songs which always come straight to the point, allowing to discern other influences like Iron Maiden, King Diamond and Nevermore, whose former guitarist Steve Smyth even guests on three tracks. Even though most songs adopt an high-speed architecture with catchy melodies, there is still enough variety among the featured material. How To Define A Race comes with strong rhythms and tribal elements. Dead Eye Dream is a little quieter, displaying the band’s more emotional side, and the rocking Rise is extremely catchy and full of hit potential, although Chaoswave decided to release the faster 10 Years Of Denial as a single. Those still mourning the demise of good, old techno thrash should check out The Evident. The most gripping songs can be found in the first and last third of the album, but the slightly weaker middle part still doesn’t count as a letdown.

Without offering anything really new, Chaoswave still manage to equip their music with the necessary lifeblood. Their metal sounds uncomplicated and doesn’t come from the head, but straight from their guts. Demanding power metal fans should keep an eye on Chaoswave.

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