CHARIOT - Behind The Wire

Chariot - Behind The Wire

13 songs
64:06 minutes
High Roller


Younger metal fans will probably think of the Christian metalcore band from the USA when they hear the name Chariot. They may not know that before their time, an identically titled band left its traces in the NWOBHM scene between 1983 and 1987 without ever making it to the genre’s major league. Their was a reunion in 2004, followed two years later by the new album Behind The Wire which is now re-released with a bonus track on High Roller Records.

There is however no reason for our ears to have a party, because Chariot are acting abysmally bad. The band tries to revive the sound of the Eighties but never manage to overcome their tired and seemingly unmotivated demeanour. More often than not, it feels as if they are struggling to revive their former vitality, consequently failing miserably. Other ancient bands like Saxon and Whitesnake at least still maintain some of their original charm. Furthermore such an idealess affair shouldn’t run for more than one hour.

Back in the Eighties, Chariot were never one of my favourite band. I only remember one of their cool t-shirt designs featuring the logo “Toothbrush Klan”, showing a skull with crossed toothbrushes instead of bones underneath. A good joke is however not enough incentive to start a failed comeback.

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