The Chariot - Long Live

10 songs
30:31 minutes
***** **
Good Fight


The Chariot are the current band of former Norma Jean vocalist Josh Scogin. It would be misleading to call them a new band, as The Chariot were already founded in 2003 and have been ever since very busy, as you would expect from dedicated Christians. Long Live is already their fourth album.

Their music is less orthodox than their world views, as can be heard already on the short opener Evan Perks, an extremely chaotic and noisy piece that can hardly been considered a regular song. The remaining material on the CD is by no means easier to access. You need to take your time to dig your way through their wild mix of metalcore and mathcore. The gentlemen from Georgia torture their instruments to the max, and the vocalist also doesn’t hide that he clearly goes to his limits. To prevent the affair from becoming monotonous, The Chariot paid attention to add enough variety. Some tracks consist of heavy riffs and have a sludgy pace, others sound as if the musicians are collectively tumbling down a staircase. The choir part on The City and the brass section on The King will even catch you by surprise. The rather quiet David De La Hoz manages to stand apart and allows comparisons to the Dead Kennedys.

As in the past, The Chariot recorded their album live in the studio, doing without excessive multi-track recording in favour of capturing their authentic sound. I really like what they do, but can easily imagine that their music is too sick for many people. Those of you who like weird noisy music should definitely lend The Chariot their ears.

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