CHASTAIN - In An Outrage

Chastain - In An Outrage

10 songs
52:01 minutes
***** ***


I remember David Chastain back from the Eighties, when he had two parallel careers. The one had him in a regular heavy metal band, the other one focussed on instrumental guitar music, and although I kind of preferred his more abrasive music to the more popular guitar heroes like Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Vinnie Moore, he somehow never escaped the underground. While Chastain himself would probably have liked to make it as big as his competition, I think that from a creative point of view, this was only for the better. Now, nearly 20 years after his debut (and 7 years after his last release), he's back with his new album In An Outrage. Not only is this a really good heavy metal album, but with vocalist Kate French and a new rhythm section (Larry Howe and Dave Starr both used to be play in Vicious Rumours), he can look up to his tightest band so far. And a band it is, because out of the ten songs, there is not a single instrumental one, and Chastain puts his guitar always into the context of the song. The solos, without being overly long, are still of the finest.

Kate French is not only the most gorgeous metal vocalist ever, she also has a very distinctive voice. As if she had been smoking too much and drenching her vocal cords with whiskey, she's delivering the songs with a rough yet melodic and sensual texture. The material on the album is good old heavy metal, certainly with melodies, but also with a lot of abrasive power you find so rarely with other non-thrash bands today. Apart from Hellion, I can't think of a band coming close to this heavy metal powerhouse. Don't let yourself be scared away by the name Chastain, this is absolutely not a guitar hero album, but one of the most rocking heavy metal album to see the light of day in 2004. Check out Malicious Pigs and Bullet From A Gun, to see what I mean. It's maybe retro, but well produced and true to the spirit of metal I loved so much back then.

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