CHINCHILLA - The Last Millenium

Chinchilla - The Last Millenium

10 songs
49:35 minutes
Metal Blade

This is the kind of music Japanese people just crave to listen to. German melodic metal! Few people are interested in that kind of music over here, and I couldn't care less for Chinchilla. Sure, their music is well enough played, their singer has a voice reminding me of Pretty Maids (although I never cared much for them either), and the production is tight enough to take Chinchilla away from soft rock bands like Bonfire or the Scorpions. But I am surely the wrong person to review this CD.

The only thing I really want to criticise about this record is the blasphemous cover version of The Boys Are Back In Town. When Phil Lynott sang this song, it was full of emotions and blues and hope and anger and so much more, but Chinchilla showed again (the same way Bon Jovi showed already years ago) that this song is better kept uncovered. They are lucky to live in such a liberal place like Germany, because I know countries where you might be beheaded for desecrating a classic like that.

I guess Chinchilla's melodic but yet powerful melodic metal isn't too bad, so I give a neutral 5. If you like that kind of music, add another 3 points, but if you don't, just subtract them all.

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