CHRIS CAFFERY - House Of Insanity

Chris Caffery - House Of Insanity

13 songs
68:03 minutes
***** **


As the guitarist for bands like Doctore Butcher, Savatage, Metalium and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Chris Caffery built himself quite a reputation in the metal world. As those bands are not so active at the moment, Chris Caffery took some time out to work on his sixth solo album House Of Insanity.

Savatage must have left their traces, because the solid mix of melodic power metal and muscular US metal reminds not only a little of his past band. Especially the vocals, in the care of Mr. Caffery himself, shows parallels to a certain Jon Oliva, sharing the same sense of drama. House Of Insanity contains a lot of great tracks that can be labelled timeless metal, although they also contain more complex and progressive structures. Especially the first four songs are incredible highlights. The first fallout comes with the truly kitschy ballad Madonna, before Caffery gets back on the right track. Even the quieter Back’s To The Wall convinces due to its monumental parts and the intricate vocal lines.

Seven songs into the album would have been a good idea to stop and release this as a masterful EP. Somehow I get the idea that Caffery is running out of ideas in the second half where only No Matter What manages to stick out. Solitaire, I’m Sorry and Shame sound as exciting as their titles predict, and can only labelled average. Winter In Hamburg might amaze friends of singer/songwriter music, but even those might only be willing to listen to this track on Christmas. Get Up And Stand! is a rocking version of the Bob Marley classic and manages to reconcile towards the end.

House Of Insanity still maintains a stale aftertaste. The first half underlines strongly Caffery’s potential. Next time around, he should keep this level also on the second half, because even lay people will be able to taste the extreme quality difference.

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