CHRIST DENIED - Drink, Drink The Blood!

Christ Denied - Drink, Drink The Blood!

14 songs
50:19 minutes
***** **


Christophobic death metal, now that's what I call precious. Christ Denied is a two-man project from Spain, with ex-Intoxication member David Nigger playing all the instruments (guitar, bass and programming) and Dave Rotten from Avulsed doing the vocals, absolutely without any effects, which is hard to believe, but if the band claims it is so, who am I to doubt? His vocals sound like terminal throat cancer, varying from toilet-flush growls to higher pitched screams.

So far, Christ Denied's only longplayer has been ...Got What He Deserves, which was released in 1996. Drink... Drink The Blood! collects all non-album tracks, which may in one way not be exactly what the world has been waiting for, but considering that the 14 songs come from 4 sessions that have been released by 4 different labels from 4 different countries, it all of a sudden is not that bad an idea to make it possible to purchase all this material in one take.

The songs come in anti-chronological order, starting with 5 songs from a split-CD with the Bastard Saints, recorded in 2000. These songs are the strongest in terms of production, and even the drums don't sound like programmed. The next 3 songs are from a split-mini-CD with Aborted, also released originally in 2000. The album ends with a cover version of an Infernal Majesty song intended for a tribute album that was never realized and finally the songs from the split-double-7-EP with Haemorrhage, released in 1995, and actually suffering from a not too great sound.

Death metal fanatics get plenty cover versions (Infernal Majesty, Goreaphobia, Pyrexia), and all those into underground death metal should get a lot of fun out of this no-holds-barred death metal album. It may not be essential, but in some ways bands like Christ Denied have an undeniable charm that bands lose once they sign with the bigger labels. A must-have for collectors, and a more than ok buy for brutal death metal fans.

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