Cincinnati Elite, Krestovsky, The Agrarians - Triumvirate Blues, Man

12 songs
43:19 minutes
***** ****

Cincinnati Elite


The Agrarians

Maryland is not exactly known as a thriving ground for rock bands, but this doesn’t mean that the artists from this small North-Eastern state aren’t busy. The Agrarians release a new album every few months, this time in conjuncture with Cincinnati Elite and Krestovsky, the latter having already been on a split-CD with them. Triumvirate Blues, Man isn’t a typical split-album though, but rather a collaboration where lo-fi indie singer/songwriter Cincinnati Elite starts with a song, is followed by the exuberantly lushness of Krestovsky, to be concluded by the psychedelic avant-folk from the Agrarians. We get four such triptychs, allowing for a certain recurring pattern that makes this CD much more than just three randomly assembled contributions.

Cincinnati Elite sounds the most “normal”, whatever that may mean. His mostly acoustic rants reek of Americana of the more visceral kind. Krestovsky is a downright genius, coming forth again with incredible arrangement that put him on a level with the best among his kind. Elliot Smith is dead? Forget him and try Krestovsky who has a perfect knack for unforgettable melodies. The Agrarians are again combining rural folk sounds with a hazy hallucinogen cloud. Very evoking and commanding indeed!

Triumvirate Blues, Man allows you to discover three bands from a more obscure US state but can at the same time be listened to as a coherent entity, which is something most collaborative releases cannot claim of themselves.

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