CITY SLEEPS - Not An Angel

City Sleeps - Not An Angel

13 songs
40:06 minutes
***** ***


Newcomers City Sleeps from Georgia, who have just released their debut album, name bands like Yellowcard, Funeral For A Friend and Goldfinger as an influence, which at first doesn’t sound too promising. Indie rock certainly plays an important part in their music, but there’s also a more dramatic and experimental side to City Sleeps, and it’s those elements that make Not An Angel a rewarding experience.

The album starts with an unusual acapella intro before continuing with Prototype, a fine emo rock song with intelligent structures and some atmospheric parts. Even if the emotional component plays a vital role, Not An Angel is not your usual kiddie fare. City Sleeps are using samples on Just Another Day that draw parallels to Rush. The title track reminds me of Blind Melon, and the mellow Walkers Ridge is an excellent symbiosis between Spookey Ruben and Ben Folds. The album maintains its diverse touch and surprises with the more punk orientated Ordinary High, the Eighties hard rocker Andrea, and Bones which is close to Soundgarden and contains a short, but really extreme metal part. Two slower tracks are the Aerosmith-like ballad Be A Man with a certain Christmas flair and the more unspectacular I Can’t Make You Love Me which is way too sugary.

Not everything shines on this CD, but let’s not forget this it’s only their debut that shouldn’t be judged in a too severe way. City Sleeps are a far more refreshing band than Fall Out Boy for instance. If in the future they put some more effort into their songwriting and expand the dramatic parts, they could become hotter than My Chemical Romance.

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