The Claymore - Sygn

9 songs
42:06 minutes
***** ***
Black Bards


German power metal band The Claymore has kept a low profile until now. Founded in 2000, they have only released two CDs (and a couple of demos). Their new album Sygn could be considered an insolent tribute to German metal heroes Helloween and Gamma Ray.

Already the opener The Angel’s Assassination offers pure metal performed at a fast pace. The songs are kept clean but never too soft. Similar structures are repeated throughout the album, but the homogenous sound leaves a pleasant impression. The guitars are played harmonically, the riffs are rocking straightforward, and the really strong voice sounds like a mix of Bruce Dickinson and Kai Hansen. Despite his high vocal range, Andreas Grundmann never sounds helpless. Only Soulseeker contains too much pathos, but occasional smirking should be allowed. Only the quieter Borderline lacks tension and hints that mid-tempo is none of the band’s strengths. One failure among nine tracks is still forgivable.

Like many other metal bands, The Claymore can be blamed for not coming up with anything substantially new. Sygn is still an impressive album that should reach its target audience, but they will not reach the cult status of their forefathers.

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