CLEAN STATE - (untitled advance)

Clean State - (untitled advance)

3 songs
11:50 minutes
***** ****


In the late Nineties, Clean State were one of Luxembourg’s busiest metal bands. Then followed seven bitter years with a lot of line-up changes. New members didn’t reveal themselves as the ideal solution and were again replaced. During this chaotic time, there has been no single Clean State release.

Now the band finally seems to have found a stable line-up, and this three track advance is a preview of the upcoming album. With only two original members left (Mackel on guitar, Twiggy on drums), it’s interesting to have a closer look at the background of the new players. Marcel (vocals) and Thierry (guitar) had their fifteen minutes of fame with the fun project Mighty Pussy Lickers and before with the death metal band Mictlan. Philippe (bass guitar) started with fluffy pop band CorrXion, then turned to metal with Ophidian. Even though the new members have some strange origins, they is a lot of combined metal experience behind the new Clean State, and therefore it doesn’t surprise that the three new songs are rather compact and already a promising start for the upcoming album.

Sincerely Yours has a lot of fast parts with angry growls, but a multilayed chorus and ethno influences make a difference to the usual metalcore fare. Innocent Ignorance contains various changes from mid-tempo moments to brutal assaults. Heresy is the band’s most complex thrash metal song ever that reminded me coincidentally a little of Swiss thrash legend Coroner.

Clean State have massively developed their sound. You can’t compare them anymore to what they did in the past. Even if I will miss raw classics like Eyes Of Rage, the new material is also fascinating, and I can hardly wait for the release of their new full-length CD.

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