Cock And Ball Torture - Egoleech

13 songs
36:10 minutes


I like provocation as much as anybody else, and the band name Cock And Ball Torture is certain to awake my interest. Album title and cover artwork are more decent than you would expect with such a band, so I was expecting something really original, like Pungent Stench or Disharmonic Orchestra transcended to the twenty-first century grind machine. But alas, things should not work out the way they were supposed to.

Egoleech is no more and no less than an absolutely average, below-par mid-tempo death metal album with toilet flush vocals that are supposed to sound like grind, but in the end it just sounds like a mildly talented band lacking wit and ideas. The production is not bad at all, but even that won’t prevent you being bored after their third or fourth song. Which is a shame, because if CBT dared to add some true speed to their songs, it wouldn’t be that bad.

The way it is, I suggest you listen to true grind music like Cattle Decapitation who combine a provocative image, extreme music and social awareness to a much higher level of realism and intelligence. If you really like your death metal slow with ultra-growl vocals, then you could find much worse than this good enough produced album, but I just can’t get through the sameness of the songs here. More speed and next time you will get a much higher rating.

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