Coerced Into Battle - Enemy Mine

10 songs
35:02 minutes
***** **


It is astonishing that a band from sunny California releases a debut full of fierce aggression. The music on Enemy Mine consists of a wicked cocktail of thrash, death and hardcore elements. Despite delivering pure energy without a moment of repose, Coerced Into Battle are only a three-piece who even resorted to producing their CD themselves. They can be more than satisfied with the result.

Enemy Mine combines the brutality of death metal with cool thrash riffs and straight hardcore energy into something which couldn’t sound meaner. Sounds good, but is anything but original. Their approach reminds of HateSphere, and while no one should be ashamed of that comparison, more own ideas would certainly be welcome. Whenever their sound becomes darker and more threatening, they come close to Bolt Thrower. Coerced Into Battle deliver tons of killer riffs, elevating their debut above average, but the final kick is missing. Only a short acoustic instrumental allows for a quiet moment, but doesn’t disturb.

It’s obvious that Coerced Into Battle took a lot of effort to record their debut album, and most of their goals have definitely been achieved. Even the short running time comes as an advantage with this kind of taxing music. As their genre has a lot of popularity at the moment, it will not be easy to assert themselves against established bands like As I Lay Dying, Neaera or Killswitch Engage. Coerced Into Battle have better work to find their own identity.

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