COILGUNS - Commuters

Coilguns - Commuters

11 songs
49:50 minutes
***** ****


Coilguns are a Swiss trio consisting of musicians otherwise active in The Ocean Collective. The band was founded in 2009, and since then the three guys have been very busy. The first four years of their history saw them release already three EPs and two big tours supporting among others Dillinger Escape Plan, Baroness and Nasum. In spring 2013 they published their first longplayer containing fifty minutes of extreme music. The band name is also quite interesting: the coilgun, invented in the 19th century by German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, is a kind of weapon relying on electromagnetic acceleration. According to band founder Jonathan Nido, the name fits as both Gauss and the Coilguns band members are nerds.

The first question that arises is about possible parallels between Coilguns and The Ocean. Some similarities do exist, but it has to be said that Coilguns act in a much more brutal and extreme way. The album has been, apart from some vocal overdubs, been recorded live piece by piece. They also invited a couple of guest artists, so that on one track you can hear five simultaneously played guitars. So it doesn't take much to imagine how noisy things get at times. This culminates on Minkowski Manhattan Distance where Nasum's Keijo Niinima does guest vocals. The songs are very varied. About half of them are not even three minutes long and sound quite harsh and noisy. The vocals are traditional screaming, but always perfectly fits the mood. Blunderbuss Committee is a great instrumental that despite its sluggish nature still leaves quite an impression. The album's highlight are its two long tracks. Commuters Part II is twelve minutes long and somewhat mellower. It is an enormously psychotic gloomy piece of music with quite a hypnotic after-effect. The concluding Earthians has a similar dark outlook, is slow like lava and it is here where they remind me most of The Ocean.

Coilguns name as their biggest influence Botch, a band that hasn't been around for more than ten years. Coilguns are full of motivation and talent that I don't doubt that they have what it takes to make it to the very top of the mathcore genre. It should be only a matter of time until these guys make it really big.

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