COMA - Excess

Coma - Excess

12 songs
72:44 minutes


Polish rock band Coma has been around since 1998, even though Excess is only their third studio album so far. Nevertheless one shouldn’t underestimate the band as their previous record sold 50.000 copies and garnered a couple of prizes in their native Poland. Their third record is their attempt to conquer the rest of the world.

Coma have been influenced by more or less everything popular in rock music these last forty years. The biggest mark seems to have left Pearl Jam, as especially the vocalist tries his hardest to come across as an Eddie Vedder soundalike. But also modern bands like Clawfinger, Rage Against The Machine, Nickelback and Disturbed have left their traces. And this is where things go wrong. First of all the band is not really able to combine the different styles, and furthermore many tracks just lack the necessary punch, relying instead on tried and tested recipes that are all too often quite predictable. The music eventually comes with an overly strong Nineties sound that gives the impression that the CD has been released ten years too late. The exaggerated length of seventy-two minutes doesn’t improve things either. From a technical point of view, there is nothing to complain about, but Excess is unfortunately an album without drive. Worst of all is the sluggish ballad T.B.T.R. which is too long for its own good. The CD ends with two bonus tracks. F.T.P. stands for "Fuck The Police" and is a rather funny piece reminding me of Acid Drinkers, while F.T.M.O. is too bluesy for my taste.

I was really looking forward to giving this record a try. The cover artwork, although looking somewhat like an art class exercise, was quite intriguing. Alas the same cannot be said about the music, and I have a hard time recommending Excess. I prefer the original artists that have influenced Coma.

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