COMITY - The Journey Is Over Now

Comity - The Journey Is Over Now

4 songs
51:05 minutes
***** ****


Although the Parisian quartet Comity has been around since the mid-Nineties, their releases only came sporadically. They even split up a few years back, but now they are back with The Journey Is Over Now, on which they once again prove that they are one of the most unpredictable bands ever.

It’s hard to pin them down stylistically. Post chaos core might just do the trick, without doing them justice though. They have been compared to the likes of Neurosis, Converge, Today Is The Day, and while all this makes sense, it doesn’t even tell half the story. The four tracks on The Journey Is Over Now, lazily titled Part I to Part IV, are all between eight and twenty-two minutes long, and every single one of them actually is a journey in itself. Let’s start with the nearly twelve minute long Part I, which starts in an utterly furious and chaotic way before giving ground to a lap steel guitar part that sounds like some post-apocalyptic desert rock, before ending in a crescendo with an utterly amazing guitar part. Part II is even wilder, while Part III shows the band from an experimental side, teaming up pastoral acoustic guitars with chirping electronic buzzing. The album’s magnum opus is the concluding twenty-two minute monster Part IV which resumes all the virtues that make up this incredible band.

It may sound arrogant, but I have the strong suspicion that Comity are just too good to get the recognition they deserve. Instead of limiting themselves to just one genre, they hyperactively navigate through everything that comes into their attention-deficit-disorder minds. Post hardcore meets stoner doom meets post rock meets avant-garde! The first and the last track are easily worth the maximum rating because that’s where the band is acting out at its most unpredictable.

The Journey Is Over Now has been released as a double-vinyl album with a complimentary CD, but is also offered as a free and legal download on the band’s homepage. Check out this truly original band if you want to see where the future of extreme music is lying!

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