COMPLETE - Adjusting The Perpetual Emotion Machine

Complete - Adjusting The Perpetual Emotion Machine

9 songs
30:52 minutes
***** ****
Last Effort


This doesn't really come as a surprise. Denmark's hardcore scene has quite a reputation, and it is a known fact that Complete are good friends with fellow Denish hardcore band Lack. Even the cover artwork and the long, complicated song titles hint at what to expect: brutal yet emotional emo core.

Still, Complete are more than just another emo band. Maybe because that genre leaves so many possibilities to its adepts, or maybe because they are plainly great. But frankly, who cares why?

What you get is emo core with lots of speed changes, screaming vocals, droning guitars and lots of variety within the songwriting. 2:29 - The Sunday Diary is featuring for instance melodic female vocals, and there's some nice and slow atmospheric parts in The Genetic Inclination Towards Failure.

As I come basically from a metal background (which I am trying to hide blushingly these days), I am not so much reminded of the typical references like Shai Hulud (mostly because I don't know that band), but rather of late-80ies VoiVod, which is because of the strange but wonderful guitar sound.

This is a nearly perfect album, and the only thing I might criticise is the short playing of just half an hour, especially as there are only 9 songs on the album. Otherwise again a perfect example of how powerful and un-sissy-like modern emo music can be. 9 really big points, and don't forget to visit Complete's webpage where you can legally download 2 songs of this album.

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