Concept Of God - Divine

9 songs
48:42 minutes
***** ****


Divine is the debut album by Texan band Concept Of God who started back in 1999. Two Solitude Aeturnus members (guitarist Steve Moseley and vocalist Robert Lowe) recruited two former band members (drummer John Covington and bass player James Martin). As Solitude Aeturnus were still rather active at that period, it seemed that the Concept Of God project didn’t find any time to develop.

Eight years after their inception, Concept Of God finally release their first album Divine, and although I don’t know from what period the different songs are from, the record as a whole gives a very mature and homogenous impression. Robert Lowe’s vast vocal range reminds of Ronnie James Dio, and as Concept Of God’s music contains a lot of Seventies rock influences, comparisons to Rainbow are inevitable and so it doesn’t surprise that the CD ends with a cover version of Man On The Silver Mountain. But Concept Of God can also be proud of their own material. The opener is a smashing heavy rock song with a considerable doom factor that should appeal to fans of Dio, Count Raven and Candlemass. Two more great rockers are the mysterious sounding Soul Embrace and Hearing Voices which draw parallels to Cirith Ungol. Traces convinces with astonishing guitar work that wouldn’t be amiss on an old Trouble record.

Everyone who witnessed the doom metal boom from the late Eighties and early Nineties must also dig the music on Divine. Even if Concept Of God are a newcomer band, its members have been active in the metal scene for more than two decades. Divine has the potential to become my doom metal album of the year.

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