Concrete Block - Life Is Brutal

11 songs
34:22 minutes
***** **


Turin based band Concrete Block are still new in hardcore business, having only been founded in 2007. And while many people associate Italy with sun, beach and ice cream, it seems that Turin has the reputation of being on the country’s gloomier places.

This may explain Concrete’s Block angry and aggravating approach. Following two previous EPs, Life Is Brutal is the band’s first longplayer. The songs are mostly around three minutes long and never lose time getting to the point. The brutal and often fast riffs are completed with lots of fat grooves, driving the songs relentlessly forward. The uncomplicated sound makes for a quicker accessibility, which works best on the opener Gods By My Side and on the dynamic title track. The vocals are quite raw and sometimes even rumblingly gruff.

Hardly showing off a quest for originality, the Italians still manage to come across quite credibly. The tracks sound without an exception sincere and are respectably produced. Concrete Block also don’t make the mistake to repeat themselves all the time. With a rather short playing time, the CD doesn’t run the risk of oversaturating their audience. Fans of Hatebreed, Madball, Sick Of It All and Merauder will have a good time with Life Is Brutal.

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