Condition Red - II

13 songs
53:48 minutes


Condition Red is a progressive metal project of the two guitar heroes Alex Masi and Lars Eric Mattsson. Three years after their first CD, they intended to make a more song orientated album than the debut by introducing singer/violinist Ella Grussner. To my ears, this intention failed because most of the songs are just too complex to listen to without becoming stressed. Guitar and drum solos are meanwhile so outdated even if all musicians are perfect technicians. An overdose of musical breaks are destroying the songwriting which seems to be less important to the musicians than showing their skills on their instruments. Especially the keyboards played by Alexander King are too dominating for my taste. Concerning the singer, I have to say that her voice is just too soft for metal. There are many more convincing female metal singers than she, especially in the gothic genre. Less progressive songs where her voice is dominating (Time Passes By, Your Freedom) are really not exciting enough. I really prefer straighter music which comes out of the belly and not out of the head.

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