CONDITIONS - Fluorescent Youth

Conditions - Fluorescent Youth

11 songs
39:31 minutes
***** **
Good Fight


Fluorescent Youth is the second longplayer by American emo rock quintet Conditions from Virginia who also released already an EP and a single before.

Their chosen genre makes it nowadays hard to create new impulses, and Conditions are certainly no exception. Nonetheless Fluorescent Youth is an entertaining record that convinces throughout. The band is acting trendily and writes songs that should move every teenage heart. The production is very clean and transparent, but still doesn’t lack punch. Most tracks come have a rather fast pace without every sounding aggressive. The choruses take care to be catchy in order to stick immediately with their audience. Brandon Roundtree’s vocals are fortunately far from being whiny and even remind me a little of Offspring’s Dexter Holland. As is suitable for this kind of music, a healthy dose of kitsch can’t be avoided. The hymn Make Them Remember is quite pleasant, but on Comfort Far Away, the band is overdoing it with the quieter parts and loses its verve. The only time the band fully wakes up is on Miss America towards the end of the album, waking up everyone who might have dropped their attention some tracks before.

Fluorescent Youth is an easily digestible album that doesn’t ask much of its listeners. This doesn’t mean that the music has no qualities, but despite successful arrangement, you won’t find any complex patterns. If this album were a movie, it would be ideal for a popcorn cinema night.

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