CONFINED WITHIN - Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom

Confined Within - Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom

12 songs
41:12 minutes
***** **


British newcomer band Confined Within’s goal is to play really good metalcore. This is of course not easy to achieve, and it’s up to the listener to decide if the band is doing their aim justice on their debut album Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom.

It’s obvious from the start that Confined Within are also only cooking with water, and won’t get a prize for innovation. This doesn’t mean that they are bad, as their songwriting skills are quite elevated. The powerful production makes sure that the band’s technical finesses are adequately highlighted. As is not unusual in the metalcore genre, we get two vocalists sharing microphone duties. The main vocalist is in charge of the barking, evil growls while one of the two guitarists provides clean vocals during the choruses, reminding not only a little of Linkin Park. This works especially well on Forgotten and Abandoned, and while the other tracks definitely also have their strong moments, the recipe is definitely overused and can be observed on nine out of the ten regular tracks (the album furthermore contains an acoustic intro and a short instrumental). Towards the end the band is daring to venture into two different directions. Chasing Ghosts is much quieter and more emotional, and the concluding Memories Of You is a downright mean smasher. It’s a bit of a shame that the band didn’t add more variety on the preceding tracks.

Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom is a respectable debut album of a young band that hasn’t yet reached its zenith. There are more metalcore bands around than you can count, and some are certainly more appealing than Confined Within, but if these youngsters keep up the good work, they might most definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

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