CONGAKING - Tatsachen und Meinungen

Congaking - Tatsachen und Meinungen

14 songs
50:09 minutes
***** ***


Have you ever listened to an easy-listening CD that is after all not as easy-listening as you expected? Congaking will make you dive into his world of eclectic sounds, which you will find awkward in the beginning, but once you get into his moods of melancholy and nostalgia, you'll soon find out that this is a real gem.

Tatsachen und Meinungen was the title of a Swiss political talk show in the Seventies, which locates the origins of Congaking himself. Grown up in conservative Switzerland, with a carefree youth filled with traditional rock'n'roll and cheesy "schlager music", this must have left him a deeply troubled person.

The CD starts with a surf'n'roll instrumental, before Congaking is releasing a couple of ballads on us, sometimes with wonderful string arrangements. The horn-section-filled Mädchen kommen immer zu spät even make him appear as the Swiss Van Morrison. Pfefferkorn, which was releases a couple of years ago already as a promo advance, is the only more rhythmic pop song, but also displays the King's appeal for soul moving melodies. There's two cover versions: an obscure Fifties rock'n'roll instrumental called Wheels and a bluegrass rendition of Blondie's Heart Of Glass. Ich will dein Rasenmäher sein is something like a homage to comedian vocal bands of the first half of the last century. Finally, the rock'n'roll satire Dürüp finishes an album which leaves me with awe. It's not as easy-listening after all, and people who understand the German language will be utterly charmed by Congaking's Swiss accent. Even more astonishing when you consider that Congaking is playing most of the instruments (guitars, bass, banjo, synthesizer, maracas, drum computer, farfisa, mouth harp, tambourine, space organ,...) by himself.

Get this CD if you are into curiosities with quality, but you may visit his homepage where you can download a couple of songs.

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