CONSORTIUM PROJECT II - Continuum In Extremis

Consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis

11 songs
58:36 minutes

I really hate this. Ian Parry, vocalist of Dutch melodic metal band, really came up with an interesting concept: in a future society, only women will prevail and there will be no more need for men, because men are the cause of all wars. Sounds like some left wing hardcore band or Consolidated? But itís not. Consortium Project is an all-star band which boosts melodic metal fans up to cloud seven. But what about me? I dislike this kind of music, and I donít really care that the musicians come from bands like Elegy, Vengeance, Vanden Plas or Kamelot, and the fact that the guitar player was employed by French synth wizard Jean-Michel Jarre doesnít make the album more atmospheric.

So we have nearly an hour filled with well crafted melodic hardrock and musicians who show technical craftsmanship, but 1. this is not what I call progressive and 2. most of the songs are not memorable enough. OK, I said already that this is not my kind of music, and where I could even hint at liking some parts of the music, I just cannot get past Ian Parryís high pitched vocals.

Sorry, but still there is one positive aspect to this album: hard rock bands can still have a positive message in their music. My very subjective 3 point rating goes to the music, but I suggest that people who actually love sympho-progressive melodic power metal (description courtesy of the label) should check out Consortium Project. Itís high time that metal will be politicised again, ha ha.

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