Coppelius - 1803

4 songs
17:59 minutes
***** ****


It's very strange when a five-piece is using as only instruments vocals, drums, bass, clarinet and cello. They surely may be called a rock band, but their near folk approach towards music makes me think a bit of Subway To Sally. Due to the use of a cello, parallels to Apocalyptica can't be avoided (especially on the opener I Get Used To It). But what distinguishes Coppelius from the aforementioned bands is their more dramatic attitude which also has a certain fin de siècle charm. The most creative track on the CD is the 7 minutes long Be Prepared which convinces with a powerful and dramatic chorus, wonderful instrumentation and various changes in the structure. The third song Abendstimmung is the only one with German vocals, and it's the track with the strongest medieval touch. Finally Dreaming is a faster song where the vocals remind me of Primus, although the music is of course more clarinet driven. Coppelius are part of the better German folk bands, they sound more interesting than In Extremo, Subway To Sally or Inchtabokatables. They are ready to challenge Across The Border and Mutabor. And if you think that Max Raabe has always been too soft for you, than Coppelius may be the right choice.

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