Cornerstone - Human Stain

10 songs
49:17 minutes
***** *

Cornerstone is the band formed by former Rainbow singer Dougie White and by Stehen Mogensen who is also the Royal Hunt bass player. In fall 2000, they released their debut called Arrival which was a properly played melodic rock album. On the new album Human Stain, they show that there musical roots are still located in the 70ies. Deep Purple, Rainbow and Thin Lizzy are without any doubts big influences of Cornerstone, especially the keyboard and guitar points into that direction. The vocals also remind me a bit of Ronnie James Dio. On this CD, Cornerstone play faster tracks like Unchosen One or Singing Alone which reach a very high level, without aiming my taste, nevertheless. Slower songs like Future Rising or House Of Nevermore are more annoying as they lack rock elements. Definitely a good melodic rock band, but definitely not suitable to me.

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