CORONATUS - Fabula Magna

Coronatus - Fabula Magna

12 songs
50:30 minutes
***** ***


Fabula Magna is the third album by German gothic symphonic metal band Coronatus. If I were a really mean person, I would content myself with copy-pasting the review I wrote for their previous CD, because their current release is not that different from Porta Obscura. As I liked that one already rather a lot, I decided to dig deeper into the new one.

Once again the two female vocalists enchant with their varied voices, all of which I enjoy except for the operatic excursions. Especially on the first two tracks Geisterkirche and Tantalos, the vocal frequencies climb too high at times, giving the impression to be in the presence of Valkyries. Fortunately they settle down after this and offer more bearable sounds. The band is showing itself from its most diverse and ventures into different genres like folk, pathos, symphonic, pagan and even a touch of baroque. The mature songwriting masters every possible situation without ever swaying from the right path. The comparison to Austrian avant-garde metal band Angizia, which I made already in the previous review, still counts.

As the metal quota is never too small, and the songs come with sufficient power, the CD manages to convince after its weak start. Fabula Magna is definitely a demanding album full of unusual structures that are not always easy to digest. Metal hardliners will find much of this confusing, but more tolerant listeners with a certain amount of patience won’t stop discovering new nuances. If the band decided to let go of the shrill opera parts in the future, a higher rating will be more than likely.

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