CORRUPTION - Bourbon River Bank

Corruption - Bourbon River Bank

13 songs
50:37 minutes
***** ***


My researches made me unearth at least nine bands called Corruption. One of them is from Poland and has been founded in 1991. At first they were into pure death metal but over time more and more drifted into stoner rock territory. Their eighth studio album Bourbon River Bank is consequently a hot and dusty piece sounding anything but Polish.

The record starts surprisingly quiet with Beelzeboss that comes with acoustic guitars, jaw harp and a dark vocalist who reminds a little of Glenn Danzig. Even though the CD contains a couple more quiet tracks, like Devileiro and Worlds Collide, Corruption normally act much harder. The music is a mix of rock’n’roll, stoner rock, thrash metal, blues and country. The rather traditional influences don’t disturb as Bourbon River Bank has become a very lively affair. The vocals are quite intriguing as they remind on the faster and often simple kept parts of James Hetfield. The songwriting allows parallels to artists like Motörhead, Kyuss, Volbeat and the likes. The title track which concludes the album could be even from a harder rocking ZZ Top.

A prize for originality is out of the question for Corruption, neither for their band name nor for their music. But it is infinitely more important that they make it obvious that they are having a great time playing their songs which come straight from their guts. This is authentic, and therefore convincing, making Bourbon River Bank a treat for every fan of steamy rock music.

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