COUNT THE STARS - Never Be Taken Alive

Count The Stars - Never Be Taken Alive

13 songs
37:55 minutes
***** ***


Count the Stars were founded in New York in 1995, self-released several years later their debut and surprisingly sold 5.000 copies worldwide. Victory Records paid attention to this energetic four-piece and offered them a deal for their second and recent album Never Be Taken Alive. While already listening to the opener Brand New Skin, you hear that this is a Victory band. They play a marvellous kind of melodic pop slightly mixed with emo core parts. Parallels to Grade or Thursday are inevitable, although Count The Stars prefer searching the melodic way (Better Off Alone, Taking It All Back, My Best Mistake). I know that there are actually lots of melodic punk bands, especially in the United States. I even can't tell you why you should choose the Count The Stars album and not the CD released by another pop punk band. But a fact is that Count The Stars are playing a kind of emo pop punk core which is a pleasure listening to. Only the last track All Good Things is more or less acoustic and less exciting. However, fans of Jimmy Eat World or A New Found Glory may also consider Count The Stars as a band worthy to discover.

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