CRAIG M CLARKE - Here I Go Again

Craig M Clarke - Here I Go Again

8 songs
41:35 minutes
***** ****
Raw Onion


Craig M Clarke is a founding member of The New Slave and D.W. Holiday. The former remixed the album Yay by Crystal Shipsss into something uniquely crazy, and that’s why (notwithstanding the first two solo albums by Mr Clarke which merged his indie sensibilities with experimental electronica) I wasn’t so surprised to discover that Here I Go Again is another electronic adventure by this gifted musician.

Let’s start with a word of warning though: Here I Go Again is definitely not an easy-listening affair. The eight tracks make to a little over forty minutes, and generally are longer than your average pop song. Their structure is dominated by beats that seem being programmed by someone with a serious case of hyperactivity, and regular instruments like guitar and bass only surface occasionally, and even the synthesizers veer to the more unusual spectrum of sounds. Within all of this, you will notice after repeated listening that the artist subtly hid regular indie pop ideas, buried under a mountain of otherworldly synths and rhythms. This is highlighted already on the opener You’re Beautiful where all of a sudden a distorted sample of a Joe Cocker song (at least that’s what I think) tries to reach your ears. Another highlight is the six and a half minute long title track with its acid bass lines and chiming beats that build a backbone for the distorted vocals. The concluding Ghost Of Frankenstein is the album’s nine minute heart piece, quoting liberally from some ancient Frankenstein movie, actors and soundtrack alike.

It’s definitely unusual to hear a musician with a possibly indie rock background clothe his musical ideas into an experimental electronic outfit, complete with breakbeat eruptions and a lot of distortions, but if you are willing to give Craig M Clarke your undivided attention, you will be rewarded with an astonishingly original album which bridges the indie and electro genres in a hitherto unprecedented way.

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