CRANCK - You Got It

Cranck - You Got It

2 songs
6:06 minutes
***** ***


It's always hard to judge a pop punk band by a two-song single. Cranck, who used to be called Wölf but had to change their name due to legal reasons, released this two song EP that catches the listener's attention with well made melodic punk rock. The fact that they opened a sold-out show for Sum41 in Brussels should further narrow down their fan group.

Like many bands from Belgian (right now thinking of Five Days Off), the quality is at a very high level and they don't have to hide behind their American contemporaries. You Got It is even something which would be a hit if the band were from the USA and not Belgium, but that's plainly geographical injustice. Naked Brain delves more into anthemic punk rock we learnt to love from bands like Rancid.

Enough namedropping here though, as I am sure the upcoming album will give us a deeper look into the talents of this promising band. 8 points for now.

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